Launch-5505The Country Food Trust is a charity founded in 2015 which produces food and donates it to people in need. In our first year we produced over 20,000 meals. Our aim is to feed over one million people in the next five years.

The first meal produced was the nutritious and delicious Country Casserole which contains diced British pheasant meat as well as green lentils, carrots, onion, swede, herbs and spices. Other recipes will be devised going forwards.

Our food is produced in special pouches that can be stored for a year without chilling. The meal can be heated in a microwave or saucepan or alternatively boiled in the bag.

We also sell our casserole on the basis that for every one bought we will donate one to charity. Our food is mainly distributed by FareShare, an award winning national charity which last year supported 4,652 charities. But we also give to other individual charities who help those in need including Veterans Aid, The Passage and The Salvation Army.