The Growth of Hunger

Poverty is real in the UK. It’s shameful that in the 21st Century 14 million people are living in poverty. 
(Joseph Rowntree Foundation Sept 2016)

A record number of 1.1 million people received emergency food parcels in 2015/16.  
(Trussel Trust 2016).

Retail sales revenues will enable us to increase our production, reduce our costs and ensure long term financial stability for The Country Food Trust. If you would like to buy our delicious product or sell it for us or can help us reduce our production costs by donating your services, then please let us know.

In trying to reach our target of providing 250,000 meals in year three, we will need your help and support. To achieve our ambition we are seeking donations, founder donors and corporate sponsors. There is also an exceptional opportunity to become an official title partner.

You can help us by visiting our MyDonate page or by donating to our charity directly. We are also looking for corporate sponsors who would like to be connected to a charity that is aiming to help the countryside community feed those in desperate need. Please contact us for more information.