We are really delighted to announce that we have now supported over 3,500 charities feeding people in need across the UK! Since 2015 the CFT has donated our ready-meal pouches and/or frozen meat to charities of all sizes up and down the country; from those operating on a massive scale in inner cities to those offering a lifeline in rural backwaters, from the large distribution charities like FareShare and The Felix Project, to small one-man-bands handing out food parcels from the local village hall. The charities we work with are all unique, but united in the fight against food poverty and we are so pleased that we, with your help, can support them!

Although we are incredibly proud of these numbers, we must not forget what they signify – more and more people are finding themselves in need through no fault of their own and turning to charities to support them through difficult times. We have much work to do but with your help we are confident that we can do it!

The Country Food Trust