We are delighted to announce that the following have recently become supporters or renewed their support of The Country Food Trust under our Key Supporter scheme. We have now fed over 320,000 people in need and it is only with the help of our supporters we have the ability to produce and donate this food.

Seventeen Group, Lyalvale Express, Fiocchi, Granville Developments, John Rigby, Sportarm, James Murphy Photography, Ian Coley Sporting, Countryside Alliance, Mark Hix, Oakbank Game & Conservation, William Powell, Lycetts, ASI, BGA, Bon Coeur, Hull Cartridge, Boss, Chestnut Inns, Keepers Choice, Bloxham PR, Gamebore, Percipient Capital, Criddle Fieldsports, The Wild Meat Company, Just Cartridges, Mark Firth Sporting, Bold New World, Knight Frank, RC Cartridges, Jerry Barnes, Private Cellar, William Evans, For Farmers, Braxted Park, GWP and CKD.