Chief Executive

SJ Hunt

SJ began her career as an Investment Banker.  After six years living in Japan, she returned to pursue her own finance-based business, which she successfully ran for 10 years before being enticed into her next role.  This was CEO and Company Secretary for a Mortgage Finance Charity, which she grew for eight years before joining CFT.  SJ enjoys cooking and rifle shooting in her spare time.

Ambassador and Events Manager

Harriett Priest

Harriett grew up in Wiltshire, where Game shooting and attending equestrian events were a big part of her life. They are still sports which she holds close to her heart, but sadly since moving to London two years ago, they haven’t been too readily available.

Harriett has been in the event world for over 15 years, much of her experience has been with large scale, outdoor live events, which relied heavily on teams of volunteers.

In her spare time, she volunteers in a Mary’s Living and Giving shop for Save the Children, in the local village. She also has a rescue dog, who needed a loving home, and they go on long walks together. He thoroughly enjoys the countryside when she’s home in Wiltshire and has become part of ‘the all black’ pack with her father’s working gundogs.

During Lockdown, Harriett tried Yoga for the first time, and it fast became part of her daily ritual. Further to this, she’s an enthusiastic cook and sometimes there’s a successful meal at the end of it.

Ambassador and Events Coordinator

Henrietta Teasdale Brown

Henrietta grew up in Rutland, the smallest county in England, where the countryside played an important role in her upbringing. Surrounded by fresh vegetables and farm-to-fork meat, Hen was lucky to be from a long line of excellent cooks.

Hen has worked in events for 5 years now, from hosting financial conferences across the globe to managing exclusive experiences of specially paired food and beverages. Whether in Michelin-starred restaurants, pubs, hotels or at festivals.

In her spare time, she loves to cook, attend pilates classes and watch a good movie.