We are delighted to announce that the smallest shoot we know of so far has become an accredited shoot. Pamos is based on the Blackdown Hills in Devon and our very own chef Tim Maddams is the Team Captain! The syndicate is made up of local people without huge pockets, it shoots somewhere in the region of thirty birds on each of the 5 days it meets and ensures that every bird goes into the human food chain. The members have managed to raise over £750 for The Country Food Trust through sweeps and swingeing fines on guns for the smallest of transgressions levied by ‘fine master’ Mr Tom Dalton. Thank you Pamos – if a shoot your size can raise the money to become an accredited shoot and in so doing feed over a 1,000 people in need then it is in range for every shoot. Please let us know if your shoot would like to take part next season.