Love It or Loathe It – Phil Spencer’s Extreme Norway Challenge!

Mission: To complete a 5-day, unsupported, 80km glacier expedition.

Pulk pulling

You would think that people would not voluntarily experience long days of extreme cold weather, complete isolation, navigation, crevasse crossing, freeze dried rations and camping out in snow whilst pulling all their equipment along the way – but The Country Food Trust’s Patron Phil Spencer is doing exactly that.

In aid of The CFT, Phil along with his sister and 3 others, will be walking 80km in -20 degree weather, including a crossing of one of Norway’s largest glaciers with the aim to complete the distance in 5 days! This terrifyingly cold and arduous challenge will take place in March with all proceeds going towards helping feed people in need.

“This is designed to be a full-on challenge in the harshest environment possible. I’ve never tackled anything like it before and it’s taken months of training to get even remotely fit enough to pull a sledge plus all supplies that distance. Aside from the physicality of the expedition, it’s the cumulative effects of the extreme temperatures, together with camping out on the ice each night that I’m especially worried about. There is no hiding from either the weather conditions, the topography or the distance – I’m going to be way out of my comfort zone! What will keep me plodding on is knowing that every step will raise money for the CFT and go directly to feeding vulnerable people.”  Phil Spencer Jan 2022

Winter is easily the hardest time for those who struggle to feed themselves but fundraisers like this make such a difference. The Country Food Trust produce game based, high in protein, low in fat meals that are given for free to those who live in food poverty. Your donations and support make it possible for this food to be produced.

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