Alvarium Home ReitWe are delighted to announce a long-term financial tie up with the Alvarium Home Real Estate Investment Trust thanks to our incredible London ambassador Charlie Hamilton who put us in touch with Jamie Beale who runs the fund. Jamie explained that the REIT helps to contribute to the alleviation of homelessness in the UK by investing in a diversified portfolio of assets across the UK which will provide good quality accommodation to the homeless.

As well as helping provide homes for the homeless, the managers of the fund also wanted to do more to help those in need and have therefore very generously decided to donate a percentage of their fees annually to charities connected with homelessness and poverty. Alongside Centrepoint and Shelter we at The Country Food Trust are delighted to have been nominated as a recipient charity and we have already received a substantial donation this year which enabled us to provide over 10,000 meals to those in need. The great news is the bigger the fund grows the more homeless people will find a roof and the more we will receive to help us provide food to those in food poverty.

Thank you to Charlie and to Jamie and his team for this incredible multi-year link up and if you would like to know more then please visit https://www.homereituk.com/