On the 29th March we launched our Coronavirus Appeal as the demand for food from the charities we support skyrocketed.  Since that launch we are incredibly grateful to the 250 magnificent supporters who have made amazing donations to our appeal – thank you so much for your generosity. This has allowed us to distribute over 120,000 meals to charities in 20 days and order an additional 100,000 meals for distribution in the coming weeks. We will shortly pass that 250,000 meal mark we set ourselves as an interim target for this appeal.

Many of you may have felt concern about food shortages earlier in the month – that feeling never goes away for people in food poverty and they have never needed your help as much as they do today. The demand is extraordinary as more and more people fall into food poverty adding to the 8 million people classified in that category prior to this crises. We are now providing food to over 1800 charities and we need your help.

Every penny you donate will go to straight to providing food to people in need right now. Just £5 can help us deliver 20 meals to people who have no ability to buy food.

If you have not yet donated, please consider helping us by donating and also by passing this message onto your friends and contacts. Please help us make a difference.

Tim Woodward
CEO, The Country Food Trust