With thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our supporters we raised enough money to deliver 28,800 meals before Christmas, with another 48,000 ready meals due for delivery shortly.  We also have an incredible 25 tonnes of venison  scheduled for delivery throughout early 2022. The 25 tonnes of venison will provide enough meat for 250,000 meals that we are also able to feed children and their families, through the use of a sustainable food source. We’d like to say a massive thank you to those who attended our fundraising dinner in November – your contributions have played a huge part to help us feed those in need this winter.

We’re really looking forward to what’s to come this year for The Country Food Trust and we’re so grateful to have your continued support that allows us to do what we do. Donating this monumental amount of food would not have been possible without all of your amazing efforts. Thank you!