When was the last time you shot the guns at the back of your cabinet? Do you have too many to choose from, with not enough days in the season to shoot them all? Or have you had your fill and left the shooting to the younger generation? If so, your unused gun could make a real difference!

Give HOLTS Auctioneers your old guns & accessories which they will auction & all the funds raised will go to CFT.  It doesn’t matter if its only £100 that’s 100 meals provided to someone in need.

HOLTS proposal is simple, donate your unused guns to raise funds for a worthy cause. HOLTS will auction the guns as part of their next sale. They will be charging zero sellers fees on Lots donated under this initiative to allow more proceeds to go to a cause of your choice.  Please ensure you select The Country Food Trust as your cause!

To find out how you can participate please click on the link below