In simple terms, we are a charity food producer making top quality protein based food that we donate to The COUntry Food Trust Ready Meal Pouchescharities who feed people in need. The charity is funded by individuals, companies, shoots, trusts and other charitable organisations. See how you can help.

Currently we have three products:

  • The Country Casserole – a nutritious and warming pheasant casserole
  • The Country Curry – a mildly spicy pheasant curry
  • The Country Bolognese – a rich and tasty venison ragu.


Why we do thisFor a shockingly large number of people in our country having enough food is not an every day reality and having a nutritious meal is a rarity.

We believe that everyone, regardless of his or her economic circumstances, should have access to a balanced and nutritious diet and that is why we have set up The Country Food Trust.

The meals are given free to those people living in poverty and sold to those people who appreciate country food in order to help us feed more people.


The aim of the charity is simply to feed as many of the 14 million people who live in poverty in the UK as possible with something that is protein rich, delicious and nutritious.


– Lobby on the subject of poverty or attempt to deal with the more complex issues surrounding people who find themselves in need.

– Lobby for or against shooting. It is a legal sport and there are plenty of people lobbying both ways on the subject. We respect there are different views.

– Ignore the subject of lead in game meat – please click here to see our Lead Policy




The first meeting took place in London in November and was attended by those who would go on to form the charity and consultants from the food business.


A generous private donor funded the project and Tim Woodward, the first CEO, was appointed in January with the charity being registered in July. Our first test meal, a pheasant casserole, was produced in November.


In February we took receipt of 2,000 pouches of food from the factory and delivered them to FareShare in Bristol. We started to feed people in need just 14 months from inception of the idea. During the year we produced over 20,000 meals and delivered to a wider range of charities from Newcastle to Bristol to London. We also structured the charity, raised funds, wrote newsletters, found experts to guide us and added trustees and ambassadors to spread the word.  We also devised on the goal of 1,000,000 meals in the next 5 years.


We held our first fund raising event at Syon House and raised over £200,000. Tim Maddams joined as our chef, revised our initial offering and created the partridge curry, our second product. We ran a stand at the Game Fair at Hatfield House. Ian Botham put us on the front page of The Sunday Times in a media run that ended up with the charity being able to explain what it did on BBC TV. The charity produced and distributed over 42,000 meals during the year.


The charity distributed over 114,000 meals and started to distribute frozen meat to charity kitchens with our recipe book.  We proudly announced our first Patron David Gower in June, followed by Mark Hix in August and Phil Vickery in November.


We launched our new  ‘Winter Appeal’ and  raised over £100,000.  In February we had our  second major fundraiser at Clothworkers Hall raising over £200,000.  This year the charity has delivered 354,000 meals split between pouches and frozen meat and passed the 500,000 meal milestone.


Winter Appeal raises over £100,000.
In May we achieved our initial goal of delivering 1,000,000 with in the first five years.