BBC InsideOut East with David Whiteley

  TRANSCRIPT OF THE VIDEO January 2019 Every year country side shoots take place on estates and farms and now the pheasants on the receiving end of those gunshots are being processed to help feed the hungry. More than 8 million people struggle to feed themselves in...

BBC Radio Essex interview

  Ray Clark: 00:00We’re going to talk about something more basic than computers, machines of any sort; food and we all need that. There is a Trust being unveiled today at Braxted Park, there is a Christmas event on there, at Great Braxted; a new project seeing...

Aspects of Sporting Article

Thank you to Savill’s for featuring us in their summer edition of Aspects of Sporting and thank you to our trustee Chris Horne the Managing Director of GunsOnPegs for taking time out to speak to the reporter.  

Press release

The Country Food Trust, a charity producing delicious pouches of ready-to-eat meals made from game, has beaten its target of producing 100,000 meals, with the current number standing at 101,876. Press release The Country Food Trust